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Sales & Marketing
RSA's Signature Five-Step Methodology

RSA’s signature five-step methodology provides the tools that will turn around an underperforming census or ensure that performers continue to meet budget. This methodology is the cornerstone of our hands-on service to clients.

  1. Situational Analysis: a benchmark marketing and sales audit.
  2. Marketing and Sales Tracking Procedures: organized and efficient methods and approaches that create effective daily management of all marketing/sales activities utilizing RSA's proven programs.
    • 24/7 Lead Capture
    • Lead Classification and Follow-Up System
    • Census Predictors
  3. Customized Marketing and Sales Training: our uniquely tailored marketing and sales training for your marketing/sales staff and managers.
    • Embrace The Customer ™, a creative and individualized marketing and sales training program that teaches your marketing/sales staff and managers to get the business, close the business and keep the business; 
    • Worksite Magic ™, a delightful, interactive and highly effective hospitality and customer service training program; a valuable key to growing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  4. Master Networking and Sales Plan: we create comprehensive, customized networking/calling plans for increasing and maintaining your professional referrals. 
  5. Frontline Selling: your marketing and sales personnel will receive individual and personalized coaching, and the availability of RSA principals on a 24/7 basis. Don't lose business on weekends or evenings: we're available to help!
Advertising, Public Relations and Promotional Events

Your print, radio, and media ads will be professionally produced and placed for maximum effect. RSA creates and distributes news releases, and works with clients to create public relations and promotional events that draw qualified prospective customers and referral sources to your community, residence or facility.

Collateral Materials

RSA creates attention grabbing designs, messages, style and copy targeted to your specific customers, including newsletters and direct-mail pieces that make your phones ring.

Website Marketing

A dynamic, targeted website that wows your prospects and drives in qualified leads is integral to an ongoing marketing plan. RSA partners with each client's website designers to create an exciting marketing tool that is specific to that client’s prospects, products and service lines. We use our expertise to create the best advantage for the client's presence on the web. Our internet marketing services include detailed training on using the website as an active tool in the sales process.

Remote Consulting

RSA's remote consulting by phone and video conference is a cost effective way to bring RICKSTEPHAN & Associates' expertise to your facility. Our experts offer input and time-tested problem solving strategies to help your community flourish. Whether your community is still in development, or having marketing or operational challenges, RICKSTEPHAN & Associates' decades of experience are just a phone call away.

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