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Winter 2013

Does your marketing staff make the best use of holiday "down" time?

We all know that sales may start to slow down this time of year. So, how does your marketing staff use this extra time? They could be addressing envelopes for holiday cards, or they could be productively planning, strategizing and preparing for the new year. November and December could be spent this way:   

    1. Take a hard look at your 2013 marketing plan: how effective was it? Was your money well-spent? Did you get the results you hoped for? Did you meet your goals?
    2. Analyze the year’s activity: what worked, what did not work, what sold or did not sell, and why?
    3. Clean up the database: are all those warm leads still really warm, or have they merely fallen off the radar screen?
    4. Contact the “not ready yet” prospect. What a good time to catch up and ask about their progress, see if there are any new concerns or obstacles you can address and perhaps overcome. Most importantly, keep your name top-of-mind.
    5. Create your strategy now, so that on Monday, January 2, 2014 you hit the ground running…
Finally, allow your staff to recharge and refresh so that they begin the new year with enthusiasm, confidence and determination.  
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Summer / Fall 2013

Does your sales staff have the skills to succeed in tough times?

In difficult economic times, the volume of inquiries diminishes, wait lists dry up, and depositors are skittish about moving forward. These times require special skills and a sales staff that can confidently address concerns and objections by providing creative solutions to wary customers.

It’s not business as usual…

Now is the time to retrain and re-focus your sales staff; outdated techniques and past practices will not work in today’s economic environment. The sales experts at RickStephan & Associates design customized training to help your sales staff lead prospects from inquiry to move-in.

Until the tide turns…

RickStephan & Associates helps your staff navigate the complicated and challenging economic waters with recession-proof, solution based selling techniques and ongoing, hands-on coaching.

Your community can thrive…

RickStephan and Associates can improve sales competencies and transform your staff into a highly trained, results-oriented selling team. For more information contact Freddi Flax,

Expertise…Solutions…Success…RickStephan & Associates

Spring 2013

Successful Strategies for Providers In Uncertain Times

RickStephan & Associates understands the current economic climate and is helping clients grow and maintain healthy occupancy with creative strategies that focus on proactive, professional sales skills. 

Solution Based Selling is the key: 
1. Assist prospective residents with entrance fee arrangements, such as deferred payments and extended move-in time frames.
2. Use relocation specialists, realtors and stagers to assist in the selling of residents’ homes and moving to your community. Make the transition as easy as possible.
3. Make sure your sales staff is well trained to manage every inquiry to its maximum and to work with prospects’ concerns, objections and obstacles. This is not the time for order-takers! Creative follow-up is critical to success.
4. Make sure your community meets or beats the competitor in services and hospitality. 

RSA’s customized sales training, Embrace The Customer, provides solution-based selling; your sales staff will learn specific tactics and approaches to get and keep the business.

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